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Connect with Knowledge

Record, share, and discover technical information.

A collaborative video hub specially crafted for techies.

High-tech organizations love PixelMixer

Product Engineering

Program Management

Software Development

Product Management

High-tech Manufacturing




Creative Design


Project Management


Intelligent Tools

Access your organization's collective wisdom

How it Works

Connect Information Silos


Knowledge is captured as it is shared

The PixelMixer Assistant automatically joins your meetings, takes notes and detects the topics being discussed.


Keeps everyone on the same page

PixelMixer sends a summary, action items and smart reminders to those who attended the meeting.


No-one misses out

PixelMixer connects others with information based on the topics, teams, projects and people they are interested in.


Knowledge Collaboration


Screen Recorder

Add a personal touch to communications with our easy to use screen recorder, which includes engaging emotive backgrounds and automatic transcription.


Send via email, SMS, or Whatsapp!

Sharing a video has never been easier, or more secure.


Works with Slack and Teams

Stay informed within the flow of work. PixelMixer integrates elegantly with your existing messaging tools.


Ask the Chatbot Anything

Ever had a moment where you needed quick information about a past meeting or task? Our AI chat bot is here to help!


Knowledge Finds You

Connect with relevant topics being discussed within the organization, enhancing collaboration, knowledge sharing, and informed decision-making.


Channels, Playlists and More!

A single, content rich landing page for your projects, events, and teams. Integrates directly with Confluence, Teams, and Slack.

Designed to Scale

Built for the Enterprise


Stay in control with our user-friendly permissions. Keep track of who has access and confidently share with others.

Security Policies

Configure your account with the access policies to meet your organizational requirements. These gaurdrails empower delegated management of the workspace.

SOC2/Type 2 Certification

The gold-standard in software security (SOC2), continuously monitored via the #1 compliance platform

Single Sign-on

Users seamlessly access PixelMixer using your existing sign-in provider. No additional username, password or login id necessary.

Delegated Administration

User auto-provisioning and simple security profiles reduce the workload on IT. Truly a single solution for your organizational video needs.


Works wherever you do


High-tech Customers


Faster Information Access


Topics Indexed


Questions Answered


Brilliant Success Stories

Olga Rolf

Program Manager - Gap, Walmart Labs, Mozilla

“PixelMixer has enabled our teams to quickly create videos for on-boarding, training, knowledge transfers and showcases so engineers can focus on developing products instead of constantly repeating themselves. Using this product, my teams have been able to access knowledge silos, work across timezones asynchronously and improve morale through better visibility.”

Kevin Berrebi

Product Manager - Meta

“As a product manager at a fast moving tech-company, I am always on the lookout for tools that help me brainstorm and share ideas with others. With PixelMixer, I can quickly capture my thoughts and get direct feedback asynchronously from anyone, anywhere in the world.”

Olivia Hansen

President - Spiritual Life TV

“We love PixelMixer for it's simplicity and amazing capabilities. The comment and collaboration tools are fun, effective and keep everyone on our team in the loop - including external content creators.”

Asad Kemal

Sr Director of UX - SS&C

“My passion is building teams that design amazing customer experiences. PixelMixer provides critical features that elevate communication and enhances team performance through collaboration.”


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