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In-house YouTube

Innovation and knowledge sharing flourishes within a culture that values communication. Video is the most effective way to onboard new hires, customers and partners, showcase results, retain critical knowledge and promote centers of excellence.


First things first

Open dialog, synergy and collaboration are critical to the success of any organization. Share what's most important and learn about the proficiencies of others.


Understand and be understood

Experience a proactive, community driven approach for aligning mission and values within your organization. Encourage feedback and get the right people involved.


Sharpen your picture

Improve the ability to connect with the right people in and outside the organization. Establish a reputation of success and show off your amazing team.

Video Solution Simplified

No setup required

Searchable Library

Quickly find content you're looking for.

Watch on Any Device

Watch and record video anywhere.

Channels and Playlists

Straight forward organization.

Video Comments

Discussion generates ideas.

Approval Workflow

Make sure the right people sign off.

Likes and subscriptions keep you in the loop.

Cloud Hosted

No setup or installation required


Control who can log in + view


Stream encryption and token based access

Plays Nicely

Connect to LDAP, OKTA, Slack, Sharepoint, Skype

Social Centric

Users comment, like and discuss privately

Content Library

Search and browse based on category, tags, and transcript


Touch & Mobile Optimized

Watch, post comments and approve video as it is posted. PixelMixer works on whatever - iPhone, iPad, Android, desktop, Windows surface and other tablet devices.

Safe and fun for everyone.

Suitable for all ages